Guide To Using a Ratchet Strap

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How To Set Up a Ratchet Strap

Examine the ratchet strap instructions for the unit if you’re able to, since some straps have different configurations. 

  1. Loosely wrap the strap around desired cargo. Ensure that the strap is not twisted. 
  2. Open the ratchet to get to the take-up spool (or axle). You may need to open the ratchet by pressing the release lever, or release catch, which is usually a small handle near the top of the ratchet. 
  3. Feed one end of the strap into the ratchet housing’s lower slot, called a mandrel, leading into the take-up spool. 
  4. Pull the strap through the mandrel until taut, leaving only a few inches of slack. The ratchet will fully tighten the strap. 

How To Tighten a Ratchet Strap

  1. Attach the strap hooks to the vehicle’s attachment points. 
  2. Check to make sure the strap is flat and securely placed around the cargo so it doesn’t shift during transport. 
  3. Move the ratchet lever up and down in a pumping motion until it reaches the right tension. The ratchet turns the spool, which draws the strap more tightly. Do not over-tighten. 
  4. Lock the ratchet in its closed position. 
  5. When securing items to roof racks, consider tying down the loose ends of straps so they don’t flap while in transit. 

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