MCC Product Spotlight: Over Tire Wheel Straps - J Hook and Swivel Hook Fitting

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Ultimate Guide to J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps – The Ideal Solution for Car Haulers

When it comes to transporting vehicles safely and securely, having the right tie-down equipment is crucial. The J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps are specifically designed to meet the needs of auto haulers, ensuring that cars remain firmly in place during transit.

What Are Car Tie Down Auto Transport?

Car tie-downs are essential components used to secure vehicles on trailers or haulers. They are designed to prevent any movement of the vehicle during transportation, reducing the risk of damage. These tie-down systems are critical for maintaining safety and ensuring that the vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition it was loaded.


Ease Of Use

Enhanced Stability

Why Are Over-Tire Straps Important?

Over-tire straps are a popular choice in the auto transport industry for several reasons:

  • Ease of Use:
    Over-tire straps are easy to install and remove, making the process of securing and unloading vehicles quicker and more efficient.
  • Versatility:
    These straps are suitable for a wide range of vehicle types, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are designed to fit snugly over the tires, providing a secure hold without damaging the vehicle's wheels or body.
  • Enhanced Stability:
    By securing the vehicle at multiple points, over-tire straps ensure that the car remains stable and does not shift during transit, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

Available Configurations: Wire J Hook or Swivel Rolling Idler

  • Wire J Hook:
    The traditional J hook design is perfect for a secure connection to E-track rails. This configuration ensures that the strap stays firmly in place without slipping or loosening.
  • Swivel Rolling Idler:
    This option provides added flexibility, allowing for smoother operation and easier attachment and adjustment. The swivel design minimizes friction and wear on the straps, enhancing their longevity and performance.

Perfect for E-Track Rails

The J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps are designed to be compatible with E-track rails, making them ideal for keeping your setup organized and clutter-free. The E-track system allows for easy adjustment and repositioning of the straps, ensuring a snug fit for any vehicle.

Versatile Ratchet Design

One of the standout features of these straps is the ratchet mechanism, which is not only effective for securing vehicles but can also be dismantled for other ratcheting tasks. This versatility means that the ratchet straps can be repurposed for various applications around the workshop or on the road, such as securing cargo, tying down equipment, or even for DIY projects.

Features: Double Wire & Swivel J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 3,333 lbs
  • Webbing Breaking Strength: 12,000 lbs


  • (3) Rubber Blocks Sewn on the Ratchet Straps:
    These rubber blocks are designed to protect the vehicle’s tires and rims from scratches and damage while providing additional grip.
  • 2" Ratchet Buckle Specifications:
    Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs
    Working Load Limit (WLL): 3,333 lbs


  • Swivel J Hook
    Working Load Limit: 2666 LBS
    Breaking Strength: 8000 LBS
  • Double Wire J Hook
    Breaking Strenght:10,000 LBS

The J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps are a critical addition to any auto hauler’s toolkit. Their combination of strength, ease of use, and versatility makes them an excellent choice for safely transporting vehicles. Whether you opt for the Wire J Hook or the Swivel Rolling Idler, these straps ensure a secure, organized, and efficient hauling experience.

For those looking to enhance their towing setup, these straps offer unmatched reliability and performance. Visit our website to explore more about the J Hook Over Tire Wheel Straps and discover how they can elevate your auto transport operations. Don’t forget to check out our range of accessories and additional products designed to make your hauling experience as smooth and Secure as possible.

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