4" Steel Corner Protector

4" Steel Corner Protector
4" Steel Corner Protector
4" Steel Corner Protector
4" Steel Corner Protector

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4" Steel Corner Protector

  • 4" Steel Corner Protector
    SKU: A1193-2
    Material: Steel
    Size: 4" 


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Production & Assembled in the USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast Shipping

  • ⭐Heavy-Duty Protection:
    Built to withstand the rigors of transportation, these steel corner edge protectors offer robust defense against impacts and abrasions, ensuring your cargo remains secure throughout the journey.
  • ⭐Universal Compatibility:
    Designed to fit a variety of cargo shapes and sizes, these edge protectors are versatile solutions for safeguarding corners during chain application, providing reliable protection for a wide range of shipments.
  • ⭐Durable Construction:
    Crafted from high-quality steel, these edge protectors boast exceptional durability, offering long-lasting performance and peace of mind for your cargo handling operations.
  • ⭐Easy Installation:
    Featuring a user-friendly design, these edge protectors are quick and simple to install, allowing for hassle-free application in various cargo control scenarios, saving you time and effort.
  • ⭐Trusted Security:
    Trusted by professionals in the transportation industry, these steel corner edge protectors are essential accessories for maintaining the integrity of your cargo, ensuring safe and secure delivery every time.


This corner protector is amazing for large loads.

It adds extra protection for the strap and cargo as it raises the edges; ensuring that the straps stay in place and keep a light-weight haul.

Corner and Edge Protectors are made to protect your straps and cargo from snaping on any sharp corners.

  • Extend strap life
  • Protect your load from strap indentation
  • Molded WITH STEEL
  • Acts as cushioning tie-down ratchet and cam straps from sharp load edges


All professionals should be thinking of safety first when hauling cargo. The Mega Cargo Control protective cargo, freight, and pallet Edge Protector is a must have!

Many Flatbed Truckers highly recommend using these Mega Cargo Control Steel Edge Protectors !

It can be used as tarp protectors, web protectors or cargo protectors.

compatible with nylon rope, standard shipping straps, narrow web belts, flatbed strap


These Cargo Strap Protectors Secure and Save Your Winch Straps, Ratchet Straps, Release Chain and Towing Strap Tension.

The Mega Cargo Control Cargo Corner Protectors are also known as edge protectors or flatbed strap protectors. These are the most popular and effective way to protect your straps from any damages

It is important that All users make note that Using an Edge Protector while transporting dressed lumber, metal coils, or heavy equipment, vehicles, or machinery must be protected!