Ratchet Chain Load Binder

Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder
Ratchet Chain Load Binder

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Ratchet Chain Load Binder

    Ratchet Load Binders make your job easier and give you peace of mind when you know your cargo, load is secured by these Heavy Duty Rathet Binders with the higher working load limit than lower grade binders.


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Production & Assembled in the USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast Shipping

  • ⭐Working Load Limit:
    1/4" - 5/16"       
    2600 lbs
    5/16" - / 3/8"   
    5400 lbs
    3/8" - 1/2"         
    9200 lbs
    1/2" - 5/8"       
     13000 lbs

  • ⭐What are Ratchet Chain Binders?
    Ratchet chain binders are tools commonly used in the cargo control industry to secure and tighten chains around loads on trucks or trailers. They play a crucial role in preventing cargo from shifting during transportation. Ratchet binders use a ratcheting mechanism to tighten the chain, providing a controlled and precise tensioning process.

  • ⭐Key features of Ratchet chain binders:
    Ratchet binders use a ratcheting mechanism that allows for controlled and incremental tightening of the chain. A handle is cranked to ratchet the binder closed, providing a secure and controlled way to tension the chain.
    Control: Ratchet binders offer greater control over the tensioning process compared to lever binders. The ratcheting mechanism allows users to make small adjustments and achieve the desired tension with precision
    Strength Requirements: Ratchet binders generally require less physical strength to operate compared to lever binders. The ratcheting mechanism reduces the effort needed to achieve the desired tension.
    Take-Up: Ratchet binders typically have a longer take-up, allowing them to accommodate more chain stretch. Take-up refers to the distance the binder can adjust to account for chain elongation or stretch during use.
    Applications: Ratchet chain binders are suitable for a wide range of applications and are often preferred when a slower, more controlled tensioning process is acceptable. They are commonly used in the transportation industry to secure various types of cargo.
    Safety: Ratchet binders provide a more secure and stable hold due to the controlled tightening process. However, users should still follow proper safety guidelines and regulations to ensure the effective and safe use of these binders.

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Load Binder for Towing and Hauling

Ratchet Binder is a type of chain binder that uses a ratcheting mechanism to Grip the chain.

  • features:
  • Both the Handle and the Hooks works simultaneously to make your load durable, strong, and secure with the appropriate transport chain.
  • Ratchet load binders have a lightweight handle that reduces the risk of recoiling and snapbacks for the operator.
  • Chain binders are devices used to fasten cargo to a flatbed trailer by tightening chains. Ratchet binders and lever binders are the two most prevalent types of chain binders. A ratchet binder, also known as a ratchet chain, is a load-securing device that employs a ratcheting mechanism to produce tension in the chain. This binder features a ratchet handle on one end and two tension hooks on both ends

Transportation Chains and clevis hooks Sold Separately G70

Why make multiple stops for what you need?

  • It meets requirements for high-test, transport
  • Grade 70 chains provide a higher safe working load than lower grade chains, but weigh the same.
  • Our transport chain has been Rated and certified for transporting loads on flat beds as well as hauling vehicles,

Chain binders, also known as load binders, chain boomers, trailer binders, tie down binders, and flatbed binders, are devices that are used to secure freight for transportation by tightening the transport chain.

Because chain binders may take a wide range of chain diameters, it's critical to pay attention to the binder's and chain's WLL (Working Load Limit) or Breaking Strength if relevant.