Motorsports in the Spring: Places to Visit

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Spring is around the corner, and if you're planning an off-road motorsports trip, here are a few locations to consider.


Motorsport trails and tracks


The Shasta area - has a wide variety of scenic routes and trails to choose from. Bowerman Ridge is a great place to start for a trail this time of year, with trail areas to suit all levels of experience.

Trinity County Fairgrounds - If you are expecting a more performance-driven experience, this is the route to take. Don’t be surprised if a crowd draws as well, as the area is thriving with events throughout the year.

Glen Helen Raceway - These track experiences can be incredibly unique and customized. Riding out on Glen Helen can be a great start to the spring and summer, introducing you to new riders and bikes from all over the county. San Bernardino’s lovely area will still generate that professional track feeling while being available to riders of most experience levels. 


Loading your bikes safely


When riding out to these locations and starting the spring off right, getting your gear safely secured could be the difference between a successful trip and a sour one. Give our motorsports page a look, and see our options to make sure your bikes aren’t going anywhere you aren’t!

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