How To Long Haul Your ATV Safely

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When transporting a motorsports vehicle, it can seem to be far simpler than it actually turns out. Safely loading and preparing the vehicle for your trip ahead will be crucial to maintaining the safety of the driver, as well as not damaging the ATV long term.


Methods for Safely Long-Hauling Your ATV


Using ratchet straps to buckle down your ATV safely


Applying ratchet straps to 4 points of contact at the front and back of the vehicle is recommended when loading into a trailer, as any movement along the ride could potentially be dangerous to both the driver hauling the trailer and drivers nearby. Ensure there is virtually no slack left, and throughout the trip, monitor how the straps are doing at each rest stop.


Keep the working load limit in mind when loading


Every ratchet or winch strap has a working load limit that must be followed closely when loading and hauling any kind of cargo. All motorsport vehicles are often well within those limits, but still be sure to do a safety check prior to beginning your trip.


Check weather conditions prior


Muck and debris can build up easily on ratchet straps when hauling your cargo for an extended period. Bringing a tarp is recommended in case of inclement weather, which should be applied after the straps have been fastened and secured.

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