Winch Straps and Ratchet Straps: How To Use Effectively

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Winch and ratchet straps both are great assets for long hauls of larger cargo, or simply bringing home a larger load from the store.


Getting acquainted with these straps and when to use them effectively can ensure cargo safety and security each time you make a trip.

Cleaning your winch and ratchet straps after use


Debris from long drives on the highway can build up over time, so it’s important to be aware of what kind of climate and terrain you traveled through after each trip. Fraying also is often rooted with debris build up, as optimally clean and maintained winches are capable of sustaining their workload for far longer.


Ensure the winches are laid without twists


Twists or knots can damage cargo when being tied down, and should be addressed before driving. Leaving knots or twists unaddressed will also fray and damage each winch, but knotting may be done to pick up slack. Avoid using this solution, zip ties or an extra cable.

Be aware of the working load limit for each winch


This is not the same as what strength each strap has to avoid tearing or breaking. Permanent damage to cargo and winches will be sustained if the load limit avised is not followed.

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